BCS rules (draft rewrite)

  1. Introduction

  2. Relationship of these rules to tohers

  3. Sanctions

  4. Process for maintaining these rules

  5. Member Groups Commentary

    1. Members Groups exist to pursue agreed aims and objectives, usually via presentations, conferences, seminars, workshops, social gatherings and networking.
    2. Each Member Group will typically hold four or more events a year, open to all members of the group.
    3. Member Groups may also establish partnerships with other bodies in order to pursue joint initiatives. Commentary
    4. Any person can participate in a Member Group, but only Institute members have voting rights. A Group can apply conditions of entry. Commentary
    5. Any person can attend Member Group events unless the Group chooses to restrict attendance. Where a meeting fee is charged, this should normally be lower for Institute members. The same applies, where practicable, to conferences and publications.
    6. International Sections: Each year the Section Committee shall appoint one of its members to serve as Liaison officer who shall have responsibility for liaison with the appropriate national computer society (or societies) of the country (or countries) in which the Section is located.
      An International Section should be established as a separate legal entity, be covered by combined liability insurance or as required locally, and should comply with local requirements in relation to any registration requirements. At no time will the Institute accept financial responsibility for the Section's activities other than by resolution of Trustee Board. The registered address of the Section (where needed under local Law) will be decided by the Section committee.
  6. Member Group lifecycle

  7. Member Group governance

  8. Member Group committees

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